Style inspiration

Our in-studio stylist have compiled a few moodboards to help you discover your Alpha style. Every fortnight new boards will be found here, as well as style tips, garment care and previews into our up and coming collections.



02-16 August : Lowkey Chill


Naturals are always a must. Whether it be winter,spring, summer or fall. Your wardrobe can never go wrong with any of these items. I think we can all agree that we're moving into a  new era of fashion and life. We at Alpha Climax have shifted our focus to a more sustainable and multi-seasonal wardrobe. Less items, more looks. Making sure you always step out in style.


17-31 August : Winter Flow

This year has been a major ride so far. With extreme turns. So we get it, you won't always feel like dressing up. But did u know,the right outfit can make you feel ten times better. The board is all about the laid-back chic. while we exploring new designs and colours, you can have a look through our chosen items for the rest of the month. Remember:The right accessories for your winter trips out, is crucial. Our lexus bags are not only super chic and compact, they also hold much more than the usual suspects.  



1- 16 September: Forever Rose

It's finally spring! While winter is still kinda showing his face, we are nevertheless super excited and working on new items to add to our store. Our team has been working hard on the new collections to come and have decided to launch later this year at JFW. While you are waiting on our clothing line to drop, now is the time to liven up your wardrobe with some key accent pieces.

Featured in our latest board is the:

Lexus Drawstring Bag,

Warrior face mask and

the Infinity scarf.