Our Story


Born in the beautiful town of Worcester, Cheron has always been drawn to art. From a young age she enjoyed painting, drawing and creating. Even though everyone who knew her assumed she would work in the art field, she had other plans. After graduating from Worcester Gymnasium and Hugo Naude Art School, she moved to cape town to study... Medical Bioscience at the University of the Western Cape. Though it went well for a while, she ended up drawing more in class than actually paying attention.  Finally it became clear.. FASHION DESIGN.

In 2012 she enrolled at the Design Academy of Fashion (DAF). During her first year at Daf , it was so clear that this is what she was born to do. In 2013 she became a Live Eco top 10 Finalist.  

After graduating from DAF she ventured into the cut-throat industry of fashion. She worked at a local designer as an assistant designer and after being there for 14 months, decide to take a step towards her own dreams of starting her own brand.




Alpha climax was created in October 2015, when the designer Cheron Dreyer landed in the top 5 of the South African Fashion week scouting new menswear designers competition. The road ever since has been a crazy ride...

Not feeling inspired enough yet, she worked as a waitress to build up funds for the new up and coming brand. One day while working her thousand and fifth table, she  had received an  opportunity to spread her wings and work abroad.

Knowing it would be a great opportunity to gain cultural knowledge and  expand her expertise, she packed her bags and off she went.  After becoming a costume designer for club med, she had the opportunity to travel to different locations in the company. First Malaysia, then Bali and then Japan. During her time as a costume designer she was responsible for all the show costumes and more. She created her first ever Circus and dance wear.


It was during the stay in Japan when she realised she left something unfinished in South Africa. In 2019 she returned to work on the brand. In 2020 she became an AFI fastrack finalist, where she showcsed at JHB Fashion week for two consecutive years. Her latest collection called African Paradise, won the Runway challenge.



We provide garments and products that feel personal, luxurious and expensive.  

We only use the best craftsmanship to ensure durability and precision. We use fabrics and materials in an unconventional way, expanding your imagination...making you look at products differently.

By sourcing our fabrics and materials locally, we help our South African economy grow and flourish. We also recycle our offcuts and garment samples to minimize our carbon footprint.



We believe that a sustainable future is a brighter one.

We believe that we are all extremely valuable and rare. We prove that luxury can come from anywhere and we want you to have your own piece of it.



- Creative Expression
- Design
- Quality
- Loyalty
- Responsibility 


We believe in the expression of ourselves through creative vision and design. By providing quality garments and products, we aim to gain the trust and loyalty of our clients. We believe that we each have the responsibility to achieve our own individual goals and attain success. It all starts with a thought, a feeling and a vision. Let us be part of your journey.